Sourcing our Seeds

Are you wondering where the organic Sacha Inchi seeds that go into all of our products come from?

We source these special little seeds from our farming partner Chan, who is based in Thailand and Laos. Chan became refugee in Thailand during the Vietnam War. At 13 years old, he fled with his family to the US, where despite not knowing any English, he began working to provide for his family.

After building a better life in America and receiving an education, Chan decided to return to Thailand. He saw firsthand what perseverance could do in the U.S., and knew that if he provided the right tools, he could positively impact kids in the communities where he grew up.

Using proceeds from the local Sacha Inchi seed agriculture, Chan has set up a K-12 school, as well as a university, to educate and empower youth and put them on a path towards success.

Being able to source our seeds from these farmers not only aligns perfectly with our mission of youth empowerment, but also allows us to bring our #SnackWithAPurpose motto full circle. 

To hear more about the social impact of Sacha Inchi seeds in Thailand and Laos, check out this video from our founder Aaron: