Elevate Your Brand Podcast

April 01, 2021

Elevate Your Brand Podcast

Episode Description

Aaron Gailmor is the Founder and Chief Eats Officer of Brass Roots, a New Orleans-based healthy snack food brand pioneering the Sacha Inchi Seed (aka the Inca-Peanut) in the US. Aaron aims to help kids and adults through Sacha Inchi's nutrition and nut-substitute nature, while empowering kids from less fortunate backgrounds in New Orleans and Southeast Asia where the seed is grown. Aaron is also founder of the New Orleans Food & Beverage Group.Laurel Mintz, founder and CEO of award-winning marketing agency Elevate My Brand, explores some of the most exciting new and growing brands in Los Angeles and the US at large. Each week, the Elevate Your Brand podcast features an entrepreneurial special guest to discuss the past, present and future of their brand.

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