Mindful Holiday Habits

Mindful Holiday Habits

Mindful Holiday Habits

The holidays are here and with it comes a lot of delicious food! For some, eating a Thanksgiving feast is an event to look forward to every year. For others, it can feel like a chore or a huge source of stress. While everyone is different, we can all benefit from being mindful of how we consume both our food and our feelings! 

Here are some helpful tips to remember this holiday season: 

  1. Slow down. Take a minute to appreciate your food and wherever it came from! Play a game where you try and guess all of the ingredients and spices used to make the dish as you savor it. Your food isn’t going anywhere and you will enjoy it 10x more if you allow yourself to enjoy each bite. Making sure that you eat enough throughout the day will ensure that you aren’t ravenous by dinner time! 
  2. Get rid of any guilty feelings. Our bodies change all the time and having an extra slice of pie after dinner will not cause you to gain 10lbs. Even if you do gain weight during the holiday season, it is not a reflection of your worth. As we like to remind ourselves here at Brass Roots, the least interesting thing about ourselves is our outsides! You are so much more than your body and the people who love you the most agree ❤️ 
  3. Don’t label food as good or bad. Food has no moral value attached to it! There are foods with different nutritional values but that’s about it. Unless you are allergic or don’t like it, no food should be off limits! 
  4. Check in with hunger and fullness. You are not obligated to eat every dish. You do not have to finish your plate. Only you know what your body wants and needs and that means that nobody gets to tell you what to eat or not. Practice saying things like, “We aren’t eating for another hour? I think I will have a little snack.” or “Thank you so much for bringing that dish! I am full at the moment, but I look forward to trying it later!” 
  5. Prioritize some form of movement. The holidays can be stressful! From visiting family to finishing up the work year, it can feel like a lot. Taking even just a few minutes every day to move your body in a way that feels good to you can help you feel your best. Make sure that you don’t fall into the mindset that you can out-work the food you consume…you can’t nor should you try! Food is meant to be enjoyed, not earned. Think of your movement in a similar way; to be enjoyed instead of treated like a punishment. 
  6. BE THANKFUL! No matter how or what you celebrate, find little ways to be grateful this holiday season. Maybe you especially love seeing your family or making your relatives' not-so-famous recipes. Perhaps you are spending the holidays with friends you adore or helping out at a local food bank. Maybe it’s just the beautiful leaves or the fluffy coat you put on to get the mail that brings you joy! Find little pockets of peace to appreciate and you’ll be warm all season long 😊 

If you are looking for some recipes that will taste and feel great, check out some of our holidays favorites:

Sacha Inchi Cranberry Stuffing (GF!)

Green Bean Amandine (Nut Free)

No Bake "Peanut Butter Pie" (Nut free, Vegan, GF)

Vegan Macaroni Cups (GF and Nut Free)

Sacha Inchi Pumpkin Oat Bars (GF)

Happy Holidays!
The Brass Roots Team
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This is the loveliest group of thoughts! Thank you so much.
Have a beautiful holiday!


Thank you!!! I have binge eating disorder and this approach is the only thing that is healing my food and body issues. A lot of people believe intuitive eating is simply " healthy " eating, but it’s actually about trusting yourself and enjoying eating again.

Renate E Smith

I appreciate your thoughtfulness and reminders that food and feelings are often intertwined. Beautifully expressed and great tips!


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