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Lightly Salted - Roasted Sacha Inchi- Incan Seeds [12oz bag]

Lightly Salted - Roasted Sacha Inchi- Incan Seeds [12oz bag]

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Roasted, organic Sacha Inchi seeds with the nutty (but nut free!) taste & crunch of a peanut.

Lightly salted for those who like to keep it simple when snacking.

Sacha Inchi seeds can be enjoyed as a great on-the-go snack, the perfect crunchy salad topping, or anyway you'd eat peanuts and almonds!

◦  High Protein
◦  Organic Ingredients
◦  Tree Nut + Peanut Free
◦  No Top 9 Allergens
◦  Keto Friendly
◦  Gluten Free
◦ Plant-Based
◦ Avocado Oil


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Hear what health & wellness expert Thomas DeLauer thinks of Sacha Inchi

Thomas Delauer

Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Ricardo Silas
There alright.

The sweet heat were the only good ones that didn’t seem so dry. The other flavors were way to dry for me. I tried them but, don’t like them.

Duane Newell
Fair, not bad but nothing to go crazy about.

A tremendous substitute for anyone with a peanut allergy. Similar crunch and flavor profile.

Keith F.
5 stars review

Great products, with good product information on website. Standard delivery was timely.. Most important, will purchase again.

Rich K.
Bags of Seeds

Sure wish you would sell the butters again.

Marcia R.
Best snack

I love having the smaller bag in my car or hiking pack. Just a handful of Sacha Inchi seeds and a good gulp of water and I’m ready to go without something sweet or full of carbs. It’s the best tasting healthy snack!