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Are Sacha Inchi seeds sustainable?

Yes! Sacha Inchi seeds grow best in healthy, thriving ecosystems with ample rainfall. You can read all about where we source our seeds and how amazing our international farming partners are on our website.

How do you store the products?

All of our products are shelf stable for maximum convenience! We actually recommend NOT storing any of our products in the refrigerator as it may cause the oil from the Sacha Inchi seed to harden. Our team loves to store the butter upside down (make sure to tighten the lid!) to help keep the butter mixed.

Oil Separation Solution:
We do not use emulsifiers so the Sacha Inchi oil does naturally separate. We suggest that consumers fully stir the butter each time it's used OR you can spin the jar on a flat surface a few times to mix it up!

Ingredients/Nutrition Content

Do any of your products contain common allergens?

All Brass Roots products are free from the top 9 Allergens! The top 9 allergens are: wheat, milk, sesame, tree nuts, soy, fish, shellfish and peanuts.

If you are concerned about other ingredients, check out the product page's nutrition facts or speak with your doctor if you have any concerns about your specific dietary needs.

How many carbs are in your products? What’s the difference between net carbs and total carbs?

You can find the nutrition label for each product on its individual product page.

Total carbs include all of the types of carbs in a food like dietary fiber, sugars, and starches. Net carbs only include carbs that the body digests into glucose (Total Carbs - Fiber = Net Carbs).

How many omega-3s and Omega-6s are in Brass Roots snacks?

There are 4800mg of omega-3s and 3,692mg of omega-6s! To learn more about why these fatty acids are so important and how they interact, check out this blog by Dr. Lori Shemek.

How much fiber is in Brass Roots snacks?

There are 6 grams of fiber in 1 serving of Sacha Inchi Seeds. Each product has a complete nutritional table on its product page.

What ARE Sacha Inchi Seeds?

Sacha Inchi seeds are special little super-seeds that taste, feel, and act similar to nuts, but without the allergy! They are nutrient-dense (high in protein, fiber, & healthy fats) making them the perfect ingredient to include in all of our snacks.

What is a complete protein?

A complete protein contains all of the essential amino acids that our body needs to function properly. Sacha Inchi seeds provide all 9 of those amino acids!


I’m a nutritionist/dietician/health influencer - how can I partner with Brass Roots?

Fantastic! We love working with people who are passionate about food like us! You can reach out to us at with your information.

Where do Sacha Inchi seeds come from?

Sacha Inchi is grown natively in Peru, as well as other parts of South America and Southeast Asia. You can learn more about Sacha Inchi seeds and just how amazing they are here:

Which organizations do you support in New Orleans?

One of the perks of living in New Orleans is the amazing community! We have been fortunate enough to partner with multiple organizations including Roots of Music, Youth Run NOLA and Covenant House. You can read more about these organizations and the incredible work that they do on our mission page.


Do you ship internationally?

Not currently, but we are hoping to expand to international shipping in the near future!

Do you supply wholesale?

Yes! We'd love for you to sell or use our Sacha Inchi products in your store! You can order wholesale directly through our Faire storefront:

How do I access my account?

If you have already set up an account you can access it from the customer login page here:

If you need to set up an account or are having trouble logging in please email us at and we will happily send you an account invitation!

Where is my order?

Hopefully on its way to you right now! You should have received a confirmation email with your tracking number, which you can use to track the status of your order. Or, you can always reach out to us at and we’re happy to look it up for you.

Which stores are you in?

To find the store closest to you, check out our store locator.

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