All of our products are completely FREE from the top 8 allergens: that means no tree nuts, peanuts, gluten/grains, dairy, eggs, soy, fish, or shellfish.

If you are concerned about other ingredients, check out the product page's nutrition facts or reach out to us!

Good news! Sacha Inchi butter and Sacha Inchi seeds are both Keto and Paleo friendly.

However, our Crunch Puffs are not Keto or Paleo because they only contain 20-40% fewer carbohydrates than similar snacks, and they are made with lentils. 

Sacha Inchi seeds are special little super-seeds that taste, feel, and act similar to nuts, but without the allergy! They are nutrient-dense (high in protein, fiber, & healthy fats) making them the perfect ingredient to include in all of our snacks. 

We source Sacha Inchi seeds from our supplier and farming partner in Thailand and Laos.

Unlike your average grain-based puff snack, our crunch puffs are completely gluten/grain free. The ingredients we use combine to create a denser, crunchier version of your typical puff snack - so that's why we call 'em crunch puffs!

Great question! Where do we start? 

1. Sacha Inchi seeds are higher in protein, fiber, + healthy fats

2. Free from all top 8 allergens (that means safe for kids + school approved!)

3. Sustainably grown + harvested

4. Extremely low lectin content

5. Proceeds from our seed purchases are used to provide education for youth in Thailand + Laos